Threshold Associates is a team of consultants who address the complex issues, challenges and opportunities faced by today's business, community and public service leaders.

We help harness and coordinate the energy, interests and resources of multiple and diverse stakeholders, maximizing each party's competitive advantage and making sustainable change possible.

For projects involving highly diverse groups, we draw on a network of associates from across North America, Europe and Africa.

Rethinking Messy Opportunities
Our clients (business, government or community-based organizations) call us to help them address what we have come to call "messy opportunities" - social problems or business opportunities that defy ordinary conflict resolution strategies or technical fixes; issues that go beyond multi-stakeholder input and into the realm of multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Creating Safe Spaces
We create safe spaces for people to discuss controversial questions.  We design and facilitate strategies which allow individuals and groups with widely divergent viewpoints and interests to work together over the long term.  We work towards meaningful involvement on the development of sustainable responses to intractable problems.  These can arise in all sectors, including healthcare, education, and economic development; locally nationally and internationally.

Developing Bridging Leaders
It's not easy to bring together people with divergent perspectives and viewpoints.  It's even harder to keep them on board and committed to building more positive responses to complex issues.  We see the need for this kind of leadership now more than ever.

We believe that new forms of leadership are required in order to bring messy opportunities into new possibilities.  We are committed to teaching and coaching the leaders we work with so that they can effectively convene collaborative processes over and over again.

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