We like to ask this question:  If this initiative succeeds, how will the world change?

In our work, listening is more important than offering answers.  We don't "fix" it, we work with you, we find out what you are passionate about, your priorities and then we go from there.

We think of our approach to stakeholder engagement and collaboration as a multi-level spiral:

We feel it is naive to suggest that for true change to happen all people need to do is to sit and talk together respectfully.  Our stance is that the business of creating and realizing the positive changes needed in a "messy" situation requires careful exploration of the history of the issue and a clear understanding of the motivations and change forces at the individual, organizational, and sectoral levels.

Defining the Elements of Success

We believe that effective collaboration work needs to include all of the following elements:

  • a clear "picture" of the key actors (both individuals and institutions) engaged in influencing the situation, and the nature of their interrelationships
  • a set of people who are willing to begin working together on the issue, despite holding different viewpoints and core values
  • a spirit of curiosity and a willingness to  engage in interactive learning about the situation, in all of its complexities
  • a good facilitation, communication and above all, leadership skills which support the group (or groups) as they to travel through ups and downs of a change initiative together


© Ray Gordezky, Ingrid Richter