Taking positive action in a Community Setting:  The Children's Aid Society

An Ontario Children's Aid Society was seeking ways to "refresh" their strategic plan, and to find a sharper focus for their work, especially in view of escalating needs, and diminishing budgets.  Together we created a one-year engagement and change process.  Activities included collaborative planning committee work, focus groups, and a two-day conference which actively engaged workers, clients, foster parents, parents, justice system officials, business people and community agencies from across the urban areas served.

"Ingrid is a sensitive and insightful facilitator capable creating an atmosphere where people feel safe enough to take risks and treats group members with an appropriate blend of even-handedness and sensitivity to individual situations and needs." 
Mark Yeoell, Founder, Global Integrity Leadership Group

Citizen Dialogues on a Complex Question:  The Future of Used Nuclear Fuel

A non-government organization needed to develop a long-term and socially acceptable national action plan for the management of used nuclear fuel.  They sought to understand Canadian values, gather ideas and to record recommendations. In collaboration with them and a non-government policy development network, we facilitated a cross-country citizen dialogue process which engaged over 600 citizens in in-depth conversations.  This was one of a variety of initiatives designed to create an ongoing relationship with citizens, business, and government on the issue of how to manage used nuclear fuel in Canada.

"The dialogue process demands a great deal from the facilitators.  Ingrid and Ray excel in this environment.  They consistently convey a sense of respect for all the participants, regardless of education, age, or background ensuring their views are captured and facilitating discussion of their point of view across the group."
Judy Watling, Assistant Director, Public Involvement Network, Canadian Policy Research Networks

Developing Change Agents to Support Societal Change:  An International Poverty Alleviation Agency

A Dutch international non-government organization is in the process of re-positioning itself, and re-skilling its workforce which extends across 30 countries.  We have been been part of an international team which designed and facilitated a series of programs (face-to-face, and on-line) to help build staff capacity to initiate and facilitate collaborative change processes.   We are currently involved in a project where we are using a collaborative approach to understanding key elements of successful change initiatives at the country level.  This research will be used to support international knowledge networks as well as further staff development and knowledge management activities.

"I was highly impressed with her ability to read organizational situations and her respect for and support of the ownership of SNV throughout the process. Ingrid was able to build rapport and quickly assimilate the differences (as well as similarities) between the work and cultural contexts of participants and her usual clients." 
Naa-Aku Acquaye-Baddoo, Senior Advisor HR & O, SNV, The Netherlands


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