Patients/Practitioners/Researchers Collaborate to Influence Treatment

Allied health researchers and practitioner-teachers at a leading Canadian university were seeking a highly participative way to disseminate their findings, and to change policies and practices around functional assessment. Many decisions about an injured individual's return to work, entitlement to benefits, and access to supports and rehabilitation services rely on functional assessments; yet practices varied widely and results were often in dispute by insurers.  Working with this group and their partners across the Province, we created a process to involve all stakeholders in changing the system of practices and policies, ultimately affecting treatment outcomes.

"Ray's deep understanding of complex organizational designs and learning systems, combined with his collaborative style, are valued qualities for any organization seeking breakthrough results."
Carol Gray, former Executive Vice President, CIBC Small Business Banking

Creating Community Commitment to Educational Excellence:  School Boards

As a result of changes in provincial policy, two large urban english language schools merged their services and operations into a new school board. We worked with the Director of Education to engage a cross-section of new trustees and board administrators, school administrators, union and non-union staff and teachers; social service officials; business owners; youth and students; as well as parents; and government representatives in creating a more coherent and inclusive long-term plan for public education in the region. One hundred people were involved in the dialogue that resulted in a new five year strategic plan, as well as measurable outcomes for student performance including reduced absenteeism and school suspensions. Four years later we worked with the school board again to create a new plan for Secondary School Education.

"Ray is an expert facilitator and was able to keep a smooth flowing large group conference despite the disruptive attempts made by some of our participants. At the end of the day he was able to help us see the value of the dissonance these participants created."
Sue Rowan, Director, Programs, The Learning Partnership

Architecture and the Link to Patient Care

A mid-sized health care system wanted to create a new approach to patient care and
use it to provide guidelines for architects in the design of a state of the art facility. We worked with the leadership team to create a planning and change process that involved more than 100 people - physicians, nurses, administrators, patients, social service and government officials, insurers and educators - in crafting the key directions for patient care as well as the core requirements for the new building. Two years later the new building was opened to broad community support and praise for its design excellence.

"Ingrid handled issues that arose with finesse and humour, not hesitating to find every opportunity to challenge the audience, evoke participation from those who held back, or deftly controlling those who attempted to derail the learning process."
Ed DiZazzo, Executive Director, Executive Development and Learning Programs, Canadian Centre for Management Development

Public Service Leadership: Understanding Complex Societal Change

How can Canadian federal government executives learn about the dynamics of complex and adaptive change in an experiential way?  This was the question asked by the managers of an intensive executive development program for senior public servants. We worked with them to develop an interactive action learning approach where participants travel to a variety of communities across Canada, and meet with representatives of government, business and civil society to explore a real and ongoing story of complex, change, and the elements of leadership that contributed to positive results. Over 200 participants have now taken the program and it has been accredited by four Canadian Universities.

"In all thier work, I found Ingrid and Ray to be a wonderful partners and collaborators - they openly and generously shared ideas and invited ideas and feedback from me."
Sue Christian, Senior Advisor, Strategic Policy, Planning and Coordination, Public Service Commission


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