Organizational Development

Polarity Management Assessment

Ray has just completed the Polarity Management Assessment for Organizations Certification. At the heart of the The Polarity Assessment™ is the understanding that your highest aspirations and most chronic difficulties related to success have at least one thing in common: a few key, underlying polarities. Each underlying polarity is an energy system. It's like gravity. It acts on you whether you believe in it or not. The assessment process help organization learn to see, map and leverage polarities to get the energy working for them. Read more about Polarity Management Assessment for Organizations.


Organization Development as a Source

In Organization Development as Source,  Ingrid traces the evolution of organization development to show the contributions it can make to the field of capacity development, especially concerning long-term systemic change.  This paper was originally published in Ubels, J.; Acquaye-Baddoo, N; and Fowler, A. (Ed.). (2010. Capacity Development in Practice. Earthscan. Washington, D.C.


The Unfolding Practitioner: Capacity Development from Within

In 'The Unfolding Practitioner: Capacity Development from Within', Ingrid explores some of the qualities that make for exceptional practitioners. This article was originally published at and can be found at