Capacity Development

Strategic Stakeholder Engagement Workshop - October 27-28, 2011

Finding effective responses to today’s complex challenges requires productive, lasting stakeholder relationships. Developing these relationships takes a deliberate and thoughtful approach that goes well beyond existing consultation methods. Strategic Stakeholder Engagement is a 2-day, hands-on workshop offered at the University of Ottawa, October 27-28, 2011. To register for the workshop, click here.


A Holistic Approach to Gender Equality and Social Justice

In the OD Practitioner, Volume 43, Number 1, Ray (along with his co-author Michel Friedman) explores how to use organization development practices to contribute to gender equality and societal justice. To download a copy of the article, use this link: A Holistic Approach to Gender Equality and Social Justice. The OD Practitioner is the journal of the organization development network.