Our Network

Heather Worosz

Heather has coached and consulted with individuals and teams in multinational corporations, SME’s, NGO’s and educational institutions in North America, Europe, the Middle Eastand Asia.  Having worked in a diversity of settings and cultures around the world, Heather has a well developed capacity to meet people where they are, build trusting relationships and champion progress toward desired results. She has coached leaders through complex, transformational change processes, facilitated dialogues between Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank and mediated charged disputes as a volunteer with Community Justice Initiatives.



Kim Martens

Kim has 25 years of experience working in business, government and non-profit settings, operating as Martens Consulting Services.    She has worked nationally and internationally.  She is well practiced in working with diverse and often polarized group.  Kim’s strength is integrating knowledge that she has gained from different sectors and making systemic connections.   She has extensive experience in participatory strategic planning that includes all stakeholders and emphasizes client ownership of the process and results.



James Clemens

James Clemens

Founded in 2010, JWB Clemens Consulting is a leadership development and organizational effectiveness firm headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.  To deliver on our business, we partner with dedicated and talented experts who continually strive to provide the best possible services and results to our clients.

Our strategic alliances with our partners bring together over 300 years of cumulative consulting and management expertise in the areas of leadership


Hendrik Visser

Hendrik VisserI am a consultant in capacity development and complex change process facilitation and especially interested in the development of Human consciousness and ethical action through system thinking approaches. My main area of work at present is conducting capacity assessments and designing Capacity Development strategies for organizations and larger sectors in society. I have MSc. degrees in Civil Engineering and Sustainable Development and have worked for over fifteen years in international development in